Patrick Rimes

Born and raised in Eryri, North Wales, Patrick realised soon after picking up the fiddle that playing traditional music was a great excuse to be allowed into pubs as a youngster.


Having learned at the feet of some of the country's finest fiddle players, he went on to study music at the University of Leeds, where he continued to build his collection of obscure musical tastes and instruments (bag-pipes, various flutes, violin, trombone amongst others). Patrick is considered one of the brightest talents among a new generation of youthful Welsh folk musicians who are bringing a new energy and enthusiasm to Welsh folk music.

Now living in Cardiff - Patrick regularly tours North America, Europe and Asia as a member of the Welsh folk-rock band Calan. He has also appeared alongside Cerys Matthews, and as a composer he collaborates regularly with Bryn Terfel (for which he won a BAFTA in 2017).

A lifelong jazz enthusiast, his opportunities have hitherto been limited to playing bass trombone in the university Dance Band, so Patrick is incredibly excited to have this chance to play some more – and to bring the sound of the bagpipes back into Burum's lineup.

Wedi ei fagu ym Methesda, ma' Patrick yn cael ei ystyried fel un o gerddorion mwya' disglair ei genhedlaeth.

Yn chwaraewr amryddawn ar amryw o offerynnau (pibau cŵd a ffliwt gyda Burum)  mae Patrick i weld yn teithio ledled y byd yn gyson gyda'r band gwerin Calan.

Wedu astudio cerddoriaeth ym Mhrifysgol Leeds, mae Patrick erbyn hyn yn byw yng Nghaerdydd ac yn gerddor prysur.

Mae wedi perfformio gyda Cerys Matthews, ac fel cyfansoddwr mae'n cyd-weithio'n gyson gyda Bryn Terfel (a dderbyniodd BAFTA yn 2017 am ei waith).

Gan bod jazz wastad wedi bod at ddant Patrick, mae wrth ei fodd i gael y cyfle i berfformio gyda Burum ac i ddod a sŵn unigryw y pibau-cŵd yn ôl i'r band.

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